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We launch at sunrise from various locations depending on available wind currents and conditions to give the best possible flight. We fly the Tucson Mountains, Saguaro National Park West, and the Avra Valley area. After your flight, we will enjoy a complimentary celebrational brunch. You will also receive a pin of the balloon you flew in and we will email you photographs of your flight.

During the flight, while floating over the beautiful Sonoran Desert, we often see various species of desert wildlife both on the ground and in the air.

Our smaller basket will hold 4 people and has a leather bench seat that seats 2 people comfortably.  We can fly up to 6 people in our larger basket.

Our balloons are FAA certified commercial aircraft and are inspected and maintained per Federal Aviation regulations. There is absolutely no smoking on board or near the balloons or motorized equipment.

Since safety is our primary concern, we cannot guarantee that a flight will take place on a specific date. Should your flight be cancelled due to unfavorable weather, every effort will be made to reschedule.

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