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We want to express our gratitude to "Foolish Pleasures" for a wonderful sail over Tucson and the mountains.  Dan was quite expert in every aspect of the balloon management and his staff at the beginning and end of the trip gave us confidence that we would survive any conditions.  Many thanks, also, to Lorrie who waited patiently for us at the pickup point (how did she know?) and arranged a wonderful breakfast buffet upon our return.  We can wholeheartedly recommend Foolish Pleasures to anyone who wants a courteous, all-inclusive, exciting, yet safe adventure above Tucson.                            
Carl, Mick and Kyle Tisone - Chicago, Illinois

Visiting Tucson on vacation from the cold and snow of Connecticut, my wife, son and I decided at the last moment to try a balloon ride, something we always wanted to do.  Dan and Lorrie made time on short notice for our balloon ride.  The experience was great, with Dan, Lorrie and the Foolish Pleasure crew keeping us involved from launch to recovery.  And soaring over the morning desert in Foolish Pleasure with Dan at the controls was everything we had hoped.  Our 12 year old calls this ride the best part of the vacation. We loved the experience and would recommend Foolish Pleasure Balloon Rides to anyone visiting the Tucson area.  Thanks to Dan and Lorrie for making our last vacation day one we will not forget any time soon.   

Jim, Ellen and Chris - Durham,Connecticut

My daughter and I had the best time with Foolish Pleasure hot air balloon rides. Our flight was on Mother's Day and it really made Mother's Day special. You could just see that our pilot, Dan, is passionate about ballooning. The scenery was gorgeous and the ride smooth and peaceful. This is something that everyone should do, and the wonderful people at Foolish Pleasure are just the folks to help you experience ballooning at its best.

Sincerely,  Janis Stelma - Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Dan and Lorrie,
       I would like to thank you and your crew for one of the most memorable moments in Marcia's life and mine. Many thanks for making this 38th anniversary something to remember for a life time. I have flown with and trained hundreds of filots in fixed wing airplanes and I can tell a natural pilot in a heartbeat, Dan is one of these people. He and the balloon were just like a well played symphony, every move exercised perfectly. The flight concluded with a spot on perfect landing after looking at some of the most beautiful sights the southwest has to offer. Our thanks also extend to an excellent ground crew. They were knowledgeable and very courteous. The champagne brunch was the best, especially the balloonist prayer and toast. In total, awesome is not even the right word for this experience, it is miles beyond that. I will let everyone know about "Foolish Pleasure" you can count on it.

Sincerely, Brad & Marcia Parker - Tucson, Arizona

Dear Dan and Lorrie,
        I would like to thank you for sending me the CD of my wonderful balloon ride. I had just come back from developing the pictures of my trip to Arizona when the CD was waiting for me. The pictures are fantastic. I still can't believe I went up in a hot air balloon. It was so exciting to see the pictures on the screen. The ride was so great. An experience I will never forget. Dan was a river of knowledge about ballooning, aside from the ride itself. For me the best part was experiencing the warmth and hospitality of yourself and your crew. The delicious tailgate brunch was so much fun. My time with you was definately the highlight of my trip.

   Ray Schwartzberg - Lake Worth, FL

For my birthday my boyfriend suprised me with a hot air balloon ride. Dan and Lorrie and the crew of Foolish Pleasure provided us with an amazing experience from beginning to end. When we arrived for our early morning flight the balloon was up and ready to go. We hopped in and had our photos taken before flying out to enjoy a half hour of beautiful scenery and informative discussion from Dan on the workings on the balloon in flight. The Foolish Pleasure crew was warm and welcoming. It was a fantastic birthday present and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to Dan and Lorrie for making this great day come true for my boyfriend and myself.

Bree and Marshall - Tucson, Arizona

I am an avid cactus collector, and had always wanted to try a hot air balloon experience, so when i found Foolish Pleasure Hot Air Balloon Rides, it was the perfect combination. My husband and I got to fly over the beautiful Saguaro cactus plants and mountains of Tucson, followed by a tasty breakfast. Dan, Lorrie and their crew went out of their way to make sure that the flight was perfect in every way. Booking was easy too - coming from Australia I thought it would be a hassle, but with a few simple emails, the flight was confirmed. If you are looking for a fun, unique experience - this is it.

Raimunda and Robert - Australia

Lorrie - thank you so much for the pics. They are brilliant, they capture both the spirit and the reality of the ride perfectly. We are going to find it hard to choose which ones to go in the montage frame I am going to create for our hallway. Please say thanks to the whole crew for a great experience and we wish everyone a hpapy holiday next week.

                             Cheers,  Chris & Steve P - England

Dear Lorrie & Dan,
      I want to thank you for the most wonderful experience I had flying with you yesterday. I never had been in a hot air balloon before so I did not know what to expect. Of course, I was a little anxious as well. You and your crew made me feel very comfortable. It was quite obvious you knew what you were doing and had the experience to go with it. The ride was just unbelievable. With Dan as our pilot, we gently took off and saw sights we would never see any other way. The flight was extremely smooth and peaceful. Not bumps, jolts or turbulence. I felt perfectly secure in our basket. After we landed (exactly where Dan said we would), the tailgate party you prepared was much more than I expected. From meat to cheese to bagels and spreads to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, it was all there. And, it was delicious. It was a morning that I will not forget. I certainly will recommend Foolish Pleasure Hot Air Balloon Rides highly to my friends and visitors to Arizona. It is money well spent. The next time I'm in Tucson, I'll be back for another ride. Thanks again.

Ronald Paul - Surprise, Arizona

  Lorrie & Dan,   

  Dean and I wanted to send you an email to let you know we had a wonderful time. You made our wedding day very memorable. We wanted something unique. You both succeeded in doing that. It was great that I had my whole family and friends there with us as well. The food was wonderful. We loved all the pictures that you took of the whole event. We had a great time, and even though it was the first time we all met I felt like we had known you for years!! Please let the crew know that we all had a great time and enjoyed being around everyone!! We will definately recommend your company whether its a balloon ride or a wedding, it was all GREAT!!! Thank you so much and hope to fly again with you and Dan someday!!!

Thank you,  Dean and Jennifer Frunzi - Tucson, AZ

I am TERRIFIED of heights to the point that I won't go on a Ferris Wheel. My parents purchased a hot air balloon ride for my birthday in December. I called to thank them for the gift but also to ask them what on earth they were thinking! I waited a month to call Lorrie to book my ride and started having fearful dreams about the flight from that day forward. This past Saturday, the 12th of February, 2011 my daughter and I took flight in a huge beautiful balloon literally at the crack of dawn., and after my slight scream at lift off, I was amazed at how I was so at ease. My fear factor was left on the ground and this was truly amazing, wonderful and beautiful experience. Lorrie took great photos, presented us with a sugary feast including Champagne and Dan is an awesome and funny pilot. My daughter and I are considering 'crewing' in ALbuquerque so we can have another ride! Thanks Mom and Dad for an incredible birthday present and thanks Lorrie and Dan for taking such good care of us.

April & Taylor Dawn - Tucson Arizona

Dear Dan & Lorrie,
       I am emailing you pictures from yesterday's balloon ride. What an awesome experience! In addition, I want to add my thank you to the one Brad sent out yesterday. Brad definitely chose the perfect balloon ride company, Foolish Pleasure, to help him surprise me for our 38th wedding anniversary. Because they live so far away, our family could not be present for the event. However, I am not able to think of a nicer or more caring group of people to help fill the hole their absence created. All of you treated us like family, and each of you worked hard to make our anniversary extra special.
       Lorrie, the renewal vows you put together were lovely and added a special touch to a ceremony that will forever be cherished. This Michigan girl never dreamt that one day she would renew her wedding vows while drifting across the Arizona desert in a balloon. The design of the balloon basket offered a unique setting that we loved because it complimented the intimacy of the ceremony. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience.
       Lieutenant Dan, you have to be one of the best balloon pilots out there. At first we thought you were just a very quiet person. However, we later came to realize that your calm, quiet demeanor, before and during the flight, was a result of your professionalism as you focused all your energies on giving us a superb and safe flight. Later during champagne brunch, we experienced the more outgoing side of your personality as we enjoyed your humor and portrayal of the history of ballooning. Oh yes, failure to comment of the little balloon made out of the champagne cork would be an omission on my part. It was very ingenious and added another special touch to a day full of magical events. Thanks you!
       The champagne brunch was delicious. We could not get over the assortment of the fare offered and know a lot of effort went in to preparing it for us. In addition, it was obvious attention was given to every facet of the brunch. We loved the balloon themed items such as the tablecloth used on the picnic table. Listening to all of you recite the balloonists' prayer brought tears to our eyes and added to the blessedness of the occasion.
       I can't close without thanking the rest of the crew. They were well synchronized, as they went about their duties and added so much enjoyment to the event. They made us feel like we were among family and friends.
       By the morning's end, it was obvious to Brad and me, that to each of you, Foolish Pleasure is much more than a balloon ride company. Your passion for ballooning, love of people, and enthusiasm for what you do shined through each of you the entire time you were with us. We know that you had to make special arrangements in order to be able to provide the balloon flight on the day Brad requested. Again, we want you to know all of your efforts and consideration for each part of the morning's events were not overlooked and greatly appreciated!

Wishing you many more joyous and safe flights,    Marci K. Parker - Tucson, Arizona

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